July 20, 2012#

Lemon of Lemons

Working on a little ident for LemonGood, handy to bumper some work. Here’s a sneak peak of lots of lemons making a lemon.

May 4, 2012#

Megastaur First Image

As mentioned in the previous post about the PreVis, work has begun on working on the proper assets. This includes a the characters, many props and environments. One such example which is at the heart of the story, the supermarket. So here is the first official image from Megastaur. (Including the new logo for the title!)


The 3D Stuff:

Incidentally, making so many products on shelves in a supermarket could be a very time consuming proccess. Instead we have used ICE in Softimage to create a tool that instances the products in 3D grids. With many features like stacking up in rows per product, random positions and rotations, delete ‘picked’ items. The system uses the bounding box of a mesh to calculate how many products to add. So its a very flexible system.

April 20, 2012#

PreVis Finished


So over the last 3-4 weeks, the PreVis has been worked on extensively! And I’m glad to say it is finished. ‘Finished’ though really describes that the whole story is in place. But it will be flexible during the production, when the more complete it gets, the more refined it will become.
The base for the plot is in a ‘megastore’ type supermarket (in the image above). Here it is modelled at the level of detail for the previs, so now this will begin being built up properly and at various stages some visuals will be there to show!


February 27, 2012#

3D Artist Interview


LemonGood recently mentioned in an interview for 3D Artist magazine (issue 38!) where I talked about my career, university and LemonGood. Hopefully there is some interesting and useful stuff in there!

January 26, 2012#

Colour script

These are some initial colour scripts for early shots in Megastaur.
While pre-vis is taking shape, another flexible process can happen. Using the pre-vis as a base, I’ve been painting over the capture on an iPad with Sketchbook Pro using the Wacom bamboo stylus.

I’ll go into more detail about the workflow later…

January 15, 2012#


First images of Megastaur here. All the storyboards initial laid out in a grid. Currently work begins on pre-vis, where it’s expected to refine and add/remove shots.
On going during the previs also, taking frames and applying a colour script by painting on top of those frames. Updates and more information will follow!

January 4, 2012#

Megastaur – Introduction

A new long term project to be produced by LemonGood. A short film written and directed by Simon Reeves.

Ideas began brewing near the end of 2011, after working on a series of short visually interesting experimental and fundamental spec commercials and projects. Direction has once again turned more towards a narrative piece, a fully CG short film.

Simon Reeves:
After producing two short films at university, now over 5 years ago (Hitchhiker (2004), Diversion (2005) ) I joined the industry full time.
Within the first year, myself and friends from uni decided we wanted to continue our own work outside of commercial work which we were now a part of.
That took the form of a short film, Bank Affairs, but ultimately the short film failed to be made. Most of the team members were employed full time, unlike myself who worked freelance.
I believe that it’s a very difficult prospect, to manage to produce your own work only over evenings and weekends – having a full time job hinders the process greatly.

I am very fortunate to still be working freelance, and thus I think, have the opportunity to still take the risk of producing my own work, in my own time. The last couple of years I have worked fairly solidly at The Mill and a few other post houses. But I’ve come to a turning point where I am now committing my time for a balance commercial/personal work. I believe this is the only realistic way to get a decent film done and am willing to sacrifice working every week, and instead, essentially paying for myself to work on the short film.
Along the way I hope to have the support of many talented people in roles that require a more specific artist.
I’m not giving a time frame yet on the short film’s completion, but I am confident of following it through and committing the time it will take! I will post updates on this site, as well as more often the LemonGood Twitter and Facebook page.


To view all Megastaur posts on the blog:


October 7, 2011#


Click the image to enlarge.
LemonGood’s Typographrame, TypoBike. High quality construction custom frame honouring the art of typography.

September 5, 2011#

Audi R8 Spec Ad

July 11, 2011#

Cleaner Product Vis

July 10, 2011#


July 10, 2011#

Kitchen Cleaner Ad

LemonGood kitchen cleaner. In-house project.

July 5, 2011#


Timelapse mini-film with CG growing Ivy. Shot with a Canon 550d over a few hours on a rooftop in North London. A combination of techniques were used to match the light flickering from the time-lapse. The actual ivy system was built all in house in ICE in XSI and is a capable of growing itself over any object.
In this case a human character sat on the chair that is not visible in the final render.

July 5, 2011#

This work was used by the client for in-house development. Using stock footage and CAD data provided. Tracking/Lighting/Rendering/Compositing Simon Reeves / LemonGood.With breakdown of course!

July 4, 2011#


Here at the LemonGood we are always pursuing our own work. This is an example of visual effects compositing seamlessly with live action footage.
Made in Softimage XSI, using Momentum in ICE. Shot with a Canon 550D

August 19, 2009#


August 19, 2008#

Diesel Watch