Megastaur Short Film

A new long term project to be produced by LemonGood. A short film written and directed by Simon Reeves.

Ideas began brewing near the end of 2011, after working on a series of short visually interesting experimental films and projects. Direction has once again turned more towards a narrative piece, a fully CG short film.

Directed by Simon Reeves:
After producing two short films at university, now over 5 years ago ( Hitchhiker (2004), Diversion (2005) )

I joined the industry full time.
Within the first year, myself and friends from uni decided we wanted to continue our own work outside of commercial work which we were now a part of.
That took the form of a short film, Bank Affairs, but ultimately the short film failed to be made. Most of the team members were employed full time, unlike myself who worked freelance.
I believe that it’s a very difficult prospect, to manage to produce your own work only over evenings and weekends – having a full time job hinders the process greatly.

I am very fortunate to still be working freelance, and thus I think, have the opportunity to still take the risk of producing my own work, in my own time. The last couple of years I have worked fairly solidly at The Mill and a few other post houses. But I’ve come to a turning point where I am now committing my time for a balance commercial/personal work. I believe this is the only realistic way to get a decent film done and am willing to sacrifice working every week, and instead, essentially paying for myself to work on the short film.
Along the way I hope to have the support of many talented people in roles that require a more specific artist.
I’m not giving a time frame yet on the short film’s completion, but I am confident of following it through and committing the time it will take!

Proggress on the film will be documented on the LemonGood blog, Twitter and Facebook page, if you have a prefered method to follow for updates, please do!


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